The Quality Expert for Yarn, Roving and Sliver


PREMIER iQ7 The Quality Expert analyses the test results and serves as a ready to use platform of un-rivaled knowledge base to quicken the process of understanding and the corrective response time, the Quality Expert provides total quality measurement and analysis of Yarn, roving and sliver. Critical quality characteristics, viz; Mass Evenness, DR%, Imperfection, Hairiness Index, Hair Count, Hair Severity and hyper sensitive imperfections are determined simultaneously during testing.

Unique Features

  • Auto Cop Changer
  • Automatic Count Measurement
  • Nep Classification Measurement
  • Foreign Fibre and Polypropylene Measurement
  • VL-Curve Analysis
  • Imperfection Distribution
  • Hyper Sensitive IPI
  • VL-Curve Analysis
  • Drafting Wave Analysis
  • Slub & Fancy Yarn
  • 3 Hairiness Parameters
  • Trends & Comparison
  • Statistical Analysis Tools