Company Profile

Premier Innovation Centre

Premier Evolvics has rapidly emerged as a leading player in the field of Quality Testing, OnLine Clearing and Monitoring products for the textile industry. Premier Evolvics is a part of the Premier Mills group, with headquarters at Coimbatore, India.

Premier commenced operation in 1983 and today has global presence and is one of the most comprehensive range of equipment manufacturer for the textile industry including Fibre Testing, Yarn Testing, Contamination Sorter, Yarn Clearing and OnLine Monitoring.

Premier is an ISO 9001 company, most of its products are CE certified, has been awarded the best Electronics Company in India by Department of Electronics in1997 and the best exporter in its category continuously since 1998.

Premier, in a short period of time, has established a worldwide sales network, which includes Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Syria, Thailand, Turkey to name a few. More than 50% of Premier's turnover comes from export.

This dramatic export market share has been achieved through ensuring world-class quality standards in its products as well as a very responsive after sales support system. The after sales support system consists of Premier's engineers stationed in several parts of the world as well as an Internet based fault diagnosis system in-built into Premier's products, with which it is possible for engineers at its Headquarters to diagnose and solve the most complicated issues.

Premier’s Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement

To be a path breaking, global leader in innovative application of technologies. Intelligence is the core of our offering. We integrate the trilogy of intelligent technology, intelligent solutions and intelligent support in addressing new challenges and bringing about the spinning industry’s most comprehensive range of quality and process testing, monitoring and analyzing instruments. Premier Evolvics has an in-house “Research & Development” facility with more than 300 qualified technical personnel and sophisticated development tools to bring out its products with the state-of-the-art technology.

Premier partners with several technological laboratories and research institutions worldwide. Customer Reference and Opinion Premier has more than 2000 customers in 45 countries worldwide from Americas, Europe, Turkey and Middle East to Asia.